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Electric boiler 2 kW

Complete electric boiler with 2 kW immersion heater for approx. 40 m2 floor surface.

The thermostat in the boiler maintains temperatures adapted to underfloor heating systems of all types. The immersion heater in the boiler can be ordered in stainless steel or copper depending on the water quality in the area where it is going to be installed. We recommend an immersion heater of copper for areas with hard water. 

The electric boiler is equipped for inside installation. It can be connected to pressurised systems due to its closed expansion vessel. The boiler is wired and connected via a wall plug.

Control of the room temperature can be via a room thermostat connected to the boiler. For surfaces larger than what can be covered by one loop (approx. 20 m2 with 17 mm pipe), additional loops can be installed. Manifolds with two or three loops can be easily connected to the 2 kW electric boiler.

Included components:

  • Water container of stainless steel pipes
  • 1 2000 W stainless steel heating element, electrically connected with wall plug
  • 1 overheating protection device, 2-pole
  • 1 control thermostat 30-90°C (adjustable)
  • Circulation pump
  • Expansion vessel of stainless steel (closed)
  • Safety valve
  • Filling valves and air vents
  • Manometer

Weight: 6.2 kg/unit

Product ID  
20503-01 1 loop, stainless steel immersion heater
20503-02 2 loops, stainless steel immersion heater
20503-03 3 loops, stainless steel immersion heater
20504-01 1 loop, copper immersion heater
20504-02 2 loops, copper immersion heater
20504-03 3 loops, copper immersion heater
Elpanna 2 kW