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2 kW Electric boiler

Thermotech’s 2 kW Electric boiler for areas up to 40m²

The 2 kW Electric boiler is suitable for areas up to 40m². The thermostat in the boiler is designed to work at temperatures suitable for all underfloor heating systems.

The boiler is designed for indoor installations. It can be connected to pressurized systems as it has an expansion vessel.

The immersion heater in the electric boiler can be ordered in stainless steel or copper, depending on the water quality of the area where it is going to be used. We recommend to use the copper version in areas with hard water.

You can also connect the boiler via a room thermostat that turns off the radiator when the desired room temperature is reached.

Basic components for 2 kW Electric boiler

  • Stainless steel pipe water tank
  • A 2000 W stainless electric element, connected with a wall socket plug.
  • Bipolar overheating protection
  • One operational thermostat 30 – 90°C (adjustable)
  • Circulation pump
  • Stainless steel expansion vessel (sealed)
  • Safety valve and automatic air vent
  • Filling and draining valves
  • Manometer

 Manifold for 2 kW Electric boiler
One loop can cover approximately 20 m² with 17 mm pipes. Multiple loops can be used for areas larger than 20 m². A manifold with two or three loops can then easily be connected to the 2 kW electric boiler.

Manifold, connections and thermostat are ordered separately or as a part of a package.

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