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Manifold cabinet built-in

Fully assembled manifold cabinet for safe and concealed installation of Thermotech underfloor heating manifolds or Integral in walls.

The modular design enables flexible installation.

The cabinet's back plate and sides are made of galvanised sheet metal for stability. There are also handle cut-outs in the back plate that facilitate movement of the cabinet. The back plate is ready for attachment to walls, reinforcement bars or ceiling brackets during installation. There are pre-punched holes in the cabinet sides for feed pipes when the feed to the underfloor heating manifold comes from the side. At the bottom of the cabinet there is a pipe fixture in plastic that secures the pipes during installation and serves as leakage indication.

Included Components:

  • Pipe fixture
  • Sheet metal back plate
  • Cabinet sides
  • Top piece
  • Covering plates
  • Frame with door
  • Plastic rivets

Depth: 120 mm
Height: 705 mm

Product ID   Width
62705 Manifold 2-5 loops 540 mm
62707 Manifold 6-9 loops 740 mm
62709 Manifold 10-12 loops 940 mm
62717 Integral 2-6 loops 740 mm
62719 Integral 7-10 loops 940 mm
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