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Cabinet for surface mounting

Thermotech cabinet for surface mounting is available in two sizes

Cabinet for surface mounting is available in the width 581 and 881 mm for maximum 6 or 11 loops respectively. The cabinet fits underfloor heating manifolds, Integrals or manifolds in combination with mixing units (except for mixing units with circulation pump model Alpha+).

The cabinet is made of galvanised sheet metal for stability and powder-lacquered in white color.

All cabinets are equipped with DIN rails for installation of manifold consoles. The cabinet can be equipped with a lock cylinder as an accessory.

Pipe fixture secures a leakage safe cabinet
At the bottom of the cabinet there is a pipe fixture in plastic that secures the pipes during installation and serves as leakage indication.

To facilitate and get a neat installation, the underfloor heating pipes should be pulled through the pipe fixture as the installation of the loops proceed.

The pipe fixture is ordered separately.

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