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Clip rail with/without barbs

Rörhållarskena i plast för infästning av golvvärmerör. Vid underlag av cellplast trampas skenan fast. Vid betongunderlag skjuts skenan fast med betongspik eller plugg och skruv.

Clip rail in plastic for securing underfloor heating pipes. The rails are secured to cellular plastic sub-surfaces by applying foot pressure. For concrete sub-surfaces, the rails are secured with concrete nails, or plugs and screws.

As necessary, the rail can be cut into two parts using a knife at the appropriate notch and then bending the rail. As necessary, clip rails can be supplied mounted 5 and 5 for a total length of 3.5 metres, alternatively as separate rails with a length of 0.7 metres.

For pipe dimensions with outside diameters of 16–20 mm.

Variable c/c every 10th cm.

Consumption: 0,8 - 1 metre clip rail/m2 floor surface

Product ID  
20170 Single 0.7 m rail with barbs
20170-5 Joined rail 3.5 m rail with barbs
20171 Single 0.7 m rail without barbs
20171-5 5 Joined rail 3.5 m rail without barbs