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Solar hot water tank HWT220

Thermotech Solar Hot Water tank HWT220 is a 220 liter accumulator tank for storage of hot tap water. It is suitable for use in houses where the existing electric hot water tank should be replaced.

Instead of purchasing a new electric hot water tank, this solar water heater is installed in combination with solar collectors.

The solar hot water tank is equipped with a stainless steel hot water tank of 220 litres for heating of tap water via solar collectors.

The insulation is 40 mm Trocellen.

Solar hot water tank HWT220 includes:

  • Immersion heater 2 kW – produces hot water when there is not enough sunshine.
  • Integrated solar loop, 5 metres - at the bottom of the solar water heater for the best possible heating output.
  • Mixing valve
  • Safety valve

All connections are made at the top of the tank.


Height 1 570 mm
Width 600 mm
Depth 670 mm
Erection height 1 700 mm
Weight 64 kg

Product ID

81422 Solar Collector, HWT220
Solvärmeberedare HWT220