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Energy tank ET500

Thermotech Energy Tank ET500 is an accumulator tank for storage of heat and hot water.

It is suitable for installation in newly built houses, when there is no storage tank or when another heating system will be installed.

The energy tank has a hot water capacity of 500 litres, for heating via solar collectors, external heat sources or immersion heaters.

The insulation consists of 45 mm mineral wool along the sides and 95 mm at the top.

Energy tank ET500 includes:

  • Solar loop, 12 metres
  • Preheating loop, 10 metres
  • Post-heating loop, 15 metres
  • Bivalent shunt valve
  • Mixing valve
  • Safety valvel

All connections are made on the top of the tank.

Elpatron på 3, 6 eller 9 kW finns som tillval.

Immersion heaters of 3, 6 or 9 kW is available as accessories.


Height 1 830 mm
Width 695 mm
Depth 790 mm
Erection height 1 900 mm
Weight 137 kg

Product ID

81405 Energy tank ET500
81445 Accessories immersion heater, 3 kW
81450 Accessories immersion heater, 6 kW
81455 Accessories immersion heater, 9 kW
Energitank ET500