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Solar collector FP202

A flat solar collector for recessed or surface installation and on flat roofs with stand. It can be mounted in portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) orientation. 

Thermotech solar collector FP202 has a thin construction and one collector covers an area of 2,02 m2.

Thermotech's FP202 solar collector is certified and labeled in accordance with the European Solar Keymark. The solar collector also has Swedish SP:s labeling and meets their requirements for functionality, durability and performance.

Technical facts

Height 1 730 mm
Width 1 170 mm
Thickness 83 mm
Area 2,02 m2
Weight 35 kg
Volume 1,56 liter
Connections Ø 22 mm
Packaging 7 solar collectors/pallet

Product ID

81210 Solar collector FP202
Solfångare FP202

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