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Installation kits Universal SS0

Installation kits for attachment of installation tracks on roof. Can be used on all roof types*.

Installation requires holes to be drilled through the roof cladding. Rubber seals are included.

Boxed delivery. Bagged small parts.

Product ID  
81511 SS0N2 - for 2 solar collectors. Designed for vertical installation.
81510 SS0N1 - for 1 extra solar collector. Designed for vertical installation.
81512 SS0L1 - for 1 solar collector. Designed for horizontal installation.
81513 SS0L1 ES - for 1 extra solar collector. Designed for horizontal installation.

* On tile roofs installation kits intended for tile roofs should be selected in the first instance, because no holes are required, see installation kit DB0. 

Universella monteringssatser SS0

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