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Solar heating station

A complete solar heating station to make the installation as simple as possible. 

The function of the solar heating station is to transfers heat from the solar collectors to a storage tank, hot water heater or to another location in the heating or tap water system.

A Thermotech solar heating station is a complete unit with insulation and an integrated solar control unit to make the installation as simple as possible. It can be connected to both existing and new solar heating systems.

It can also be connected to an accumulator tank for hot water (for example Thermotech Energy Tank ET500 or Solar Hot Water Tank HWT220). When connecting to a tank, the tank must have an integrated solar loop, alternatively the solar heating station must be complemented with a heat exchange unit.

The Thermotech solar heating station is delivered with the Grundfos Solar UPS 15/45 130 solar heating pump.

Advantages withThermotech solar heating station

  • Clean design
  • Fully assembled upon delivery
  • Low weight
  • Integrated air vent
  • Easy installation
  • Regulation unit, featuring for example speed control of pump and 13 pre-programmed systems




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