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MultiSystem™ Prefab Flow

MultiSystem™ Prefab Flow is a leak-proof cabinet with manifolds and couplings for tap water, prepared for flow measurement of hot and cold water in multi-dwelling buildings.

MultiSystem™ Prefab Flow is delivered fully assembled and ready for installation, prepared for flow measurement of hot and cold water in multi-dwelling buildings. We build the cabinet per the customer's wishes and deliver the cabinet ready to connect to the feed pipe.

Thermotech MultiSystem™ manifolds are made of dezincified hardened brass. They are available with two or three couplings, and with or without integrated isolation valves.

The feed pipes (for hot water and cold water) can be positioned with one line at each side of the cabinet (c/c 460 mm) or together on the right side of the cabinet (c/c 60 mm). The cold water supply is placed to the right in the cabinet and the hot water supply is placed to the left. The cabinet permits through feed, feed through the right side wall and downward feeds.

The maximum number of outputs for cold water is 7 and 6 for hot water. The rubber bushings for the feed pipes can accommodate protective tubing up to 54 mm.

The cabinet can be supplied fully assembled with gauge blocks designed for replacement with water meters with a length of 110 mm and 3/4" threads, flat sealing.

The MultiSystem™ Prefab Flow cabinet is available in two configurations that can be supplemented with a hot water circulation circuit package that is connected the last cabinet. The cabinet can be fitted with clamp ring couplings or press fittings.

The cabinet can be cast into a wall or mounted in plasterboard walls with wood framing.

Stands are available as an accessory. The stands are screwed to the cabinet’s sides and provide a stable cabinet attachment. The stands can be vertically adjusted and holes in the support pads enable screw attachment to cellular plastic or other surfaces.

When ordering MultiSystem™ Prefab Flow, the following options are available:

  • Total couplings for hot and cold water.
  • The coupling to the feed pipe can be either on the right or left. They can even be prepared for routing from above, beneath, through the sides or for through configurations.
  • The manifold's couplings can be directed either upwards or downwards.
  • Manifolds with or without isolation valves for each coupling.
  • Coupling dimensions: Clamp ring couplings 15, 16, 18 or 20 mm, press fittings 16 or 20 mm.
  • Feed pipe coupling dimensions: Clamp ring couplings 16, 18, 20 or 26 mm, press fittings 20 or 26 mm.
  • The cabinet can prepared for connection to a hot water circulation circuit.
Prefab Flow

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