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MultiSystem™ Prefab Energy

MultiSystem™ Prefab Energy is a leak-proof cabinet with manifolds and couplings for tap water, prepared for energy measurement.

The cabinet is delivered fully assembled and ready for installation and is prepared for energy measurement; suitable for individual measurement in flats, for example. We build the cabinet per the customer's wishes and deliver the cabinet ready to connect to the feed pipe.

The manifold cabinets are available in three sizes (390, 540 and 690 mm) and are made of galvanised sheet metal. The bottom trough in plastic can be easily detached and serve as a pipe fixture during the installation.

The cabinet is delivered with gauge blocks premounted, adapted for energy meters 130 mm long and with 1" threads. The meter is installed in the return manifold, and the sensor for flow temperature is mounted in the flow manifold.

Thermotech MultiSystem™ manifolds are made of dezincified hardened brass. They are available with two or three couplings, and with or without integrated isolation valves.

When ordering MultiSystem™ Prefab Energy, the following options are available:

  • Total couplings for hot and cold water.
  • The coupling to the feed pipe can be either on the right or left. They can even be prepared for routing from above, beneath, through the sides or for through configurations.
  • Fördelarens anslutningar kan riktas uppåt eller nedåt.
  • Fördelare med eller utan avstängningsventiler för varje anslutning.
  • Dimension på anslutningar: klämringskopplingar 15, 16, 18 eller 20 mm, presskopplingar 16 eller 20 mm.
  • Dimension på matarledningsanslutningar: klämringskopplingar 16, 18, 20 eller 26 mm, presskopplingar 20 eller 26 mm.
Prefab Basic Energy

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