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Building technique

Thermotech's MultiLevel concept is based on the principal that we found in floor heating in each floor, at the right level in the plate, and that maximizes the total heat output.

Floor heating pipes are placed in the plate's lower part which allows a larger part of the heat gets to the floor below and the smaller part to the floor above. The floors are not isolated and therefore floor heating is not regulated room by room, rather than flow temperature is controlled centrally by following the outdoor temperature.

With this placement, the heat transfer between the pipes and the room is optimal and the water temperature in the underfloor heating system can be kept at an extremely low level. The water follow with the low temperatures gives better operating conditions, especially for heat pumps.

The large heating surface (both floor and ceiling) in combination with a well insulation (<30W /m2) makes the temperature differences between the heat transfer surfaces and the room air extremely low, only a few degrees.

MultiLevel installation