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Underfloor heating in conservatories

With Thermotech waterborne underfloor heating you lengthen the season in your conservatory while at the same time economizing with heating costs and environmental Resources.

Many conservatories are built with infrared heaters, or with no heating at all. With waterborne underfloor heating in your conservatory you can make use of it both early in the spring and late in the autumn, without freezing. If you have the opportunity, choose the smart way of using energy and install waterborne underfloor heating system when you build your conservatory.

When there is a waterborne heating source available
With Thermotech Heat Exchanger Package TMix®E, it is possible to install waterborne underfloor heating in your conservatory, connected to the house’s waterborne heating system.

The heat exchanger pack TMix®E the separate the house’s heating system from the water in the outdoor heating system. The heat is transferred via the heat exchanger without mixing the water from the two sides of the systems. This enables the use of an antifreeze solution, for example glycol, in the water that circulates outdoors.

Thermotech’s heat exchanger package is available in two sizes, with a one litre expansion vessel suitable for areas of 30-60 m2 (TMix®E20), or a two litre expansion vessel suitable for areas of 60-120 m2 (TMix®E30). Larger systems can also be dimensioned and designed without any problems.

The heat exchanger package has to be connected to Thermotech’s underfloor heating manifolds (at least one loop) or to our industrial manifold.

When there is no waterborne heating source available
If you do not have a waterborne heating system in your house, or for other reasons want to separate the conservatory's underfloor heating from the house's heating system, you can use Thermotech electric boiler 2 kW.

Regulating underfloor heating in conservatories
Depending on the existing heating system and the floor surface there are different regulation alternatives to choose from.

Regulation of return temperature on the primary side:
Suitablefor conservatories where the temperaturecoming from the househeating system is low.
Heat exchanger package with product ID 51522 or 51532 is recommended.

Temperature sensor with air temperature sensing:
The sensor is installed in the conservatory and sense the temperature there. Suitable for conservatories where the temperature coming from the house heating system is high. However,is not suitable for wooden floors or other temperature-sensitive floor Surfaces.
Heat exchanger package with product ID 51523 or 51533 is recommended.

Temperature sensor with water temperature sensing:
Suitable forconservatories where the temperaturecoming from the house heatingsystem is high and the floorsurface is sensitive to high temperatures.
Heat exchanger package with product ID 51524 or 51534 is recommended.

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