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Heat exchanger package TMix E30

Thermotech heat exchanger package TMix® E20 has an expansion vessel of 2 litre and is suitable for areas up to 80-150m².

Värmeväxlarpaketet TMix® E30 can be directly connected to Thermotech's underfloor heating manifolds or industrial manifolds.

The heat exchanger package can be manually controlled with an automatic thermostat or an actuator.

As standard, the heat exchanger is connected on the left side of the manifold, but it can also be supplied for connection on the right side.

Included components:

  • Heat exchanger, 30 sheet metal
  • Circulation pump
  • Strainer 1/2"
  • Thermostatic valve
  • Safety valve, 4 bar
  • Manometer, 0-6 bar
  • Expansion vessel, 2 L

Max area 150 m2 (50W/m2, ΔT = 5°C)

Max area 120 m2 (100W/m2, ΔT = 8°C)

Snow melting:
Max area 80 m2 (300W/m2, ΔT = 15°C)

Product ID Product name Product description
51531 TMix® E30 Manual regulation with hand knob on thermostatic valve
51532 TMix® E30-R Return temperature limiting, thermostatic head on primary side of the thermostatic valve
51533 TMix® E30-L Thermostatic head with air sensor
51534 TMix® E30-V Thermostatic head with sensor for flow temperature
51535 TMix® E30-M 3-point electric actuator on the thermostatic valve
Värmeväxlarpaket TMix E30