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Controller ETR2

Thermotech GEO®System ETR2 is an electronic controller for melting ice and snow on the ground. It is aesy to install and works for the main part of the different snow melting systems on the market.

ETR2 can control one temperature zone using a ground sensor (ETOG) and the control is being handled by turning on or off the circulation pump to the snow melting system.

Temperature range: 0 - 10°C
Delay: 0-5 hours
Differential on/off: 0,3°C
Output relay: Potential-free 16 A, 3600 W max
Supply coltage: 230 V AC ± 10%, 50-60Hz
Protection class: IP 20

Product ID Dimensions
68005 86 x 52 x 59 mm
Styrenhet ETR2