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Thermotechs Quality policy

Our quality policy explains what Thermotech Scandinavia AB and its subsidiaries and agentss activities stand for, what it means and how it is put into practice. 

For us, quality means satisfying our customer´s demands, needs and expectations.

The quality of our products and services shall be the highest on the market and be one of the main reasons why our customers decide to purchase our products.

These are the main principles of our operations:

  • Continuous development of our products based on our customers wishes and needs through yearly programs for quality improvement
  • Choosing our suppliers by considering their ability to fulfil our demands for quality regarding products and services
  • Selecting the processes that provide the highest level of quality while reducing lead times and costs
  • Quality is a natural and essential part of operations in our day to day business. Competence, commitment and responsibility distinguish and guarantee the quality of work, and are ensured through continuous education.
  • Accurate documentation for the entire organization with defined areas of responsibility within the company
  • Accomplish a constant improvement in all lines of the business by constant measurement and follow-ups of the efficiency of the quality work through quality audits and feedback.

Thermotech Scandinavia AB´s management system for quality fulfils the demands according to SS-EN ISO 9001:2008 when it comes to:

  • Development and production
  • Market and Project waterborne underfloor heating systems